February 27, 2019

TReading Horizons Review: Denise Swogetinsky

Tags: Direct Instruction, Methodology, Secondary, University

I had a student who was in my class because she was an unsure reader and wanted to learn how to improve her reading. When I post tested her, her scale score was 529 in the E TABE. I retested her in the M book and she scored 511. She is currently being tested in the D book and will be placed in a D class, skipping a M class between Literacy and the D class. Every time we had a lesson like the many jobs of y, or c and k rules, or even proving words an syllablication rules, she would say why hadn't anyone ever told her that before.

***The review above was based on the Reading Horizons structured literacy program taught in thousands of U.S. school districts. Reading Horizons distributes different types of reading curriculum such as ELL reading instruction, and kindergarten reading curriculum.***

Grade Level: Adult Ed