March 01, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: David Bolsega

Tags: K-12 Intervention, Special Education, Student Stories

I had an adult approach me who was very successful and owned his (own) business but could not read. The man was frustrated because he had tried (other literacy programs) before but got no results. So, I started tutoring him using the Reading Horizons method once a week at the library with great success.

Another student who struggled a lot in the program was up at the board and had an ‘A-ha!’ moment. Astonished, he said, "Hey, I can read this word now!" For him, it was a real breakthrough.

One student in my ninth-grade special-ed. class came up to me after using the course for a while and said, "Mr. Bolsega, I can finally read my grandmother’s tombstone" with a big smile.

***The Reading Horizons course referenced above teaches structured literacy - a systematic, explicit phonics-based method of teaching reading. It is a unique reading curriculum used in over 10,000 schools around in the U.S.***

Grade Level: Secondary