February 27, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Darla Six

Tags: Direct Instruction, Implementation, K-12 Intervention, Methodology, Results, Software

I was trained in the Reading Horizons program for literacy intervention in 2010. In the past eight years, I have witnessed many students who have strengthened their reading fluency and comprehension by learning the marking system and practicing reading multi syllable words. By using the methods of direct instruction with the teacher, to practicing marking words on whiteboards, to the interactive software, to the exposure to a variety of texts and vocabulary words, students' reading proficiency has shown great improvement!

***The review (above) references the award-winning Reading Horizons blended-learning elementary reading curriculum found in thousands of schools around the United States. Reading Horizons also offers a full range of reading curriculum in its lineup including a reading intervention program for struggling readers, and an ELL reading program for non-native English-speaking students. ***

Grade Level: Elementary