March 01, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Beth Lockert

Tags: Implementation, K-12 Intervention, Results, Software, Student Stories

Since Premier High School is a reading-based program, the students are expected to work at their own pace and accomplish at least a certain amount of coursework a week. We have a 9th grade student who was struggling severely in the general classroom despite every effort of his classroom instructor to adapt and modify his lessons. Both his instructor and myself proposed that he be tested for a learning disability, although his reading was average, it was his comprehension and retention that he struggled with. While waiting for the LSSP to test and give us her findings, I tested our student on the Reading Horizons. His comprehension was at 4.2 GE. After learning how to modify the lessons and coursework on Reading Horizons, I allowed him to work on the reading and comprehension selections in the library. After 2 days of working on it, along with his regular coursework, he stated that he REALLY enjoyed working on the program and asked if he could work on it daily (he had never enjoyed reading prior to this program!). His classroom teacher stated that he had never looked so confident! I printed out, and showed him, the reports that demonstrated the level and speed he began with, and where he is now. He was simply AMAZED!!! He went from a 4th grade reading level at a speed of 120WPM to a 7th grade reading level at a 240WPM.  

He is currently working on a computer-based curriculum while working on comprehension and retention with the Reading Horizons daily. He is using note-taking strategies and identifying the important information in his notes, and is being successful at completing the required amount of coursework. His enthusiasm for school has grown beyond belief! (is required to stay 4 hours, attends for 8 hours!)

Thank you, for taking the time and effort to guide me through the Reading Horizons program! I truly am a believer!!!!

***The reading curriculum referenced in the review above teaches structured literacy and has been created by Reading Horizons. It has helped hundreds of thousands of struggling readers learn to read.***

Grade Level: Secondary