February 26, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Bernice Yanez

Tags: K-12 Intervention, Special Education

I would just like to write a few lines to let you all know that I have worked with Reading Horizons over the past four years. I am a Special Education Teacher at a Charter school in San Antonio, Texas. The majority of our students come to us with many learning gaps in reading. Most of our students have gone through and completed the lessons in Reading Horizons and have usually increased their phonological reading grade level by at least 2 or more grade levels when we compare their pre and post tests. I have been very pleased with the set up of the program and have heard nothing but positive feedback as students work through the lessons and complete the program with a sense of accomplishment. Keep up the good work and continue working on developing effective ways to teach our students!

***The reading curriculum referenced in the review above teaches structured literacy and is produced by Reading Horizons.***

Grade Level: Secondary