February 27, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Amber Orseno

Tags: Direct Instruction, Implementation, K-12 Intervention, Results, Student Stories

One student in particular took reading intervention time very seriously all year. He enjoyed learning the different phonetic skills and was always paying close attention to the marking system. His benchmark assessment showed impressive growth. He increased his oral reading fluency by 33 words per minute (going from 30 words to 63 words) and his accuracy increased from 84% to 97%.

I have had multiple students demonstrate significant growth after a year of Reading Horizons instruction. It closes gaps and allows students to feel successful and accomplished. 

***The review, above, references the Reading Horizons reading intervention programReading Horizons also creates distributes a range of reading curriculum from an explicit phonics instruction program for grades K-3, an adult literacy program, and a reading program for corrections. ***

Grade Level: Secondary