March 01, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: Adana Bryant

Tags: ESL Instruction, Results, Software

***The review (below) references the Reading Horizons adult literacy programReading Horizons also creates and distributes other types of reading curriculum direct instruction and software including a structured literacy program for lower grades in elementary school, a reading intervention program for grades 4+, a reading program for ESL, and a reading program for corrections. ***

Our literacy council has been using the Reading Horizons software for the past few months, and we are extremely pleased with it. Because of the simple straightforward approach, it has become an integral part of our teaching method and a favorite of students and tutors alike.

Our tutors and students have responded warmly to the software, and utilize it dozens of hours each week. The students’ use of the courseware has led to a marked improvement in their spelling and decoding skills. The students find the program fun and easy to use and the fact that students can use it on their own has led to an increase in study time. Consequently, remarkable progress has been made.

We’d highly recommend the Reading Horizons courseware to any literacy organization for adult basic education, GED preparation and English as a Second Language. Project READ has students in each of these programs taking advantage of the Reading Horizons software and all are using it as a foundation on which to base their further progress.

Grade Level: Adult Ed