Grade Levels

Reading Horizons Review: Kelly Ward

Neshoba County, Mississippi

The program has provided a great level of confidence in children. It has also decreased frustration while learning to read. It is fun and easy to use even with our kindergarten students. ***The …

Reading Horizons Review: District of Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy Public Schools, Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Tessie Williams

Tallassee City Schools System, Tallassee, Alabama

As the Curriculum Coordinator for the district, I have witnessed this program change the way teachers teach reading. The teachers have expressed their excitement for this program and shared student …

Stanton County Elementary School

Stanton County Unified School District 452, Johnson City, Kansas

Reading Horizons Review: Marla Atkinson

First Grade Teacher, Grantsville Elementary School, Grantsville, Utah

I love Reading Horizons because the lessons engage all students in learning the phonetic elements found in the words and skills they need to master in order to become successful readers. This year I …

Jennifer Allen

Bremen City Schools, Bremen, Georgia

Reading Horizons gives students a tangible and concrete formula to follow when engaging in the often mysterious process of reading. When teachers implement the Reading Horizons methodology with …