February 27, 2019

Reading Horizons Review: 2nd Grade Teacher, Woodruff Elementary

Tags: Direct Instruction, Implementation, Methodology, Results, Software

I think Reading Horizons has impacted our school and students reading by giving us a clear focus on what should be taught each year. I remember a few years ago it was just kind of 'whatever you think they need' which has been hard on students and teachers alike. Now we have a clear vision on what we want our students to learn each year. This also gives us a clear program to follow when our students need intensive interventions. If we see that students are behind, we know what has been taught whole class and then have a direction to follow when we need to intervene. I also really like the online portion with supplemental materials for lessons, game ideas, etc.

***The review (above) references the Reading Horizons structured literacy program. Reading Horizons also produces other types of reading curriculum including reading intervention program for grades 4+, a reading program for ESL,  an adult literacy program, and a reading program for corrections. ***

Grade Level: Elementary