RHD Training & Implementation

Prepare teachers to implement instruction that is aligned to the science of reading to prevent and remediate the reading difficulties of students in grades K-3.

Implementation & Training

Teachers: The Key to a Successful Reading Program

Because Reading Horizons gives teachers a new perspective on reading instruction, professional development is an important first step for any school or district implementing the program. Teachers play an instrumental role in the success of any reading program, and the proper training increases their impact and the sustainability of the program.

The Reading Horizons Discovery® professional development and implementation resources prepare teachers to do the following:

Align Instruction with Reading Science

During a Reading Horizons training, teachers get hands-on practice with the activities and strategies that will help their students find reading success. These multisensory strategies are aligned with reading science, the Structured Literacy approach, and the Orton-Gillingham approach. During training, teachers learn about the science of reading and how to translate it into practical and engaging lessons for students.

Support Beginning and Struggling Readers in the Classroom

After being trained in the Reading Horizons® method, teachers are prepared to explain each of the rules and patterns of the English language to beginning readers, struggling readers, and English Language Learners (ELLS). While these rules and patterns are beneficial for every student and dramatically decrease reading, spelling, and pronunciation errors, these rules give struggling readers and ELLs a formula to latch on to as they work on decoding unfamiliar words.

Build District Capacity and Sustainability

The key goal of implementation is to create sustainable results in both instructional fidelity and student performance. To help your school or district achieve this goal, we encourage each customer to select a few teachers or reading specialists to become certified Reading Horizons trainers for their area. This provides in-house experts who can support teachers and provide unlimited staff training at no additional cost.

Review Training Material Anytime

After the initial training, schools can elect to enroll in the Reading Horizons Online Professional Development Course™. This course allows teachers to review training material and refresh their skills. This course can be viewed at any time from any device with internet access.

Implementation Coach Program

All On Board

Implementation can make or break a reading program. To ensure schools get off to the right start with Reading Horizons, we offer the Implementation Coach Program. This is our most comprehensive training and product package.

The Implementation Coach Program includes the following:

  • Two in-person/virtual training days
  • Two in-person/virtual coaching days (one in fall/one in spring)
  • A dedicated Implementation Coach for on-site training and virtual support
  • Unlimited school-wide access to the Reading Horizons Discovery® online software (for students)
  • Unlimited school-wide access to the Reading Horizons Online Professional Development Course ™ (for teachers)
  • Priority support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager

Getting On the Same Page with Training

For schools that don't join the Implementation Coach Program, we recommend the following training package to get all of your teachers on the same page with the Reading Horizons program. All training options can be adjusted to your ideal setting (in-person, virtual, or hybrid).

  • Two training days
  • Two coaching days (one in fall/one in spring)
  • School-wide access to the Reading Horizons Online Professional Development Course

Support Every Step of the Way

To ensure that teachers have all of the resources and information they need to successfully implement Reading Horizons Discovery® in the classroom each step of the way, we have created the Reading Horizons Accelerate® website. This website is free for customers and provides many tools that make implementation simple and practical for every teacher.

Lesson Planner and Resources

The Lesson Planner helps teachers master and expedite lesson planning. With this tool, teachers can create a teaching schedule, access a digital copy of the teacher's manuals, download lesson resources, and watch how-to videos. This tool can also be synced to the software component of the program to quickly create student groupings for small-group instruction based on student mastery of each skill.

Community Forum

The Community Forum on RH Accelerate allows teachers to submit questions to both Reading Horizons experts and other customers. Teachers can also share their own tips and insights with the community as they implement the program.

Online Training Course

Teachers can review and refresh their understanding of the Reading Horizons method anytime with the Reading Horizons Online Professional Development Course ™. (This course must be purchased as an add-on to RH Accelerate.)


Increasing Sustainability with District Certified Trainers

After your first year of implementation, we recommend selecting a few teachers or reading specialists to become Reading Horizons certified trainers for your school or district. After completing this certification, these experts can provide unlimited staff training and coaching for the Reading Horizons® method at no additional cost to your school or district. This gives you on-site experts who can answer questions, train new staff, ensure instructional fidelity, and ensure the sustainability of the program.

Case Studies

What Results Can I Expect?

Wondering what results you can expect your students to experience using the Reading Horizons Discovery® program? Review our collection of case studies to see the typical gains of various student populations.

"Our DIBELS scores have never been better and I’ve never felt so confident in teaching reading. My kids love dictation and we are so excited about phonics! Reading Horizons has really made all the difference for us!"

- Tami J., Weber School District, UT

"The children pop up out of their desks every day to do Reading Horizons. We find the children become successful with phonics and reading because [Reading Horizons] works, and the program is very consistent. It presents patterns that the children seem to latch onto very easily…They are immediately comfortable with this kind of approach.”

- Donna S., Reading Specialist, Emden Elementary, TX

"My third graders made 100% gains on their Literacy test! I'm so glad we have access to Reading Horizons online [software] where my students can make great gains at their own pace. Thanks RH team! You have made this possible for many of my ELL students."

- Sussy B., Oklahoma City Public Schools, OK

"Reading Horizons has given our teachers a fresh perspective on the teaching of reading. Teacher morale has improved due to the success they are seeing in their students’ reading gains."

- Chere’ F., Director of Instructional Services, Haleyville City Schools, AL

"My students' test scores have all gone through the roof, and Reading Horizons is the only thing different from last year. Confidence levels, accuracy, everything has gone up."

- Amy M., Lucy Elementary, TN