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  • Corrections Research Packet

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    Region: Western United States

    Overview of the Reading Horizons Approach

    Reading Horizons is a program designed to help struggling readers and English language learners develop skills that make reading automatic, fluent, … more

  • Research: Hughes Youth Corrections

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    Region: Western United States

    ***The research on this page references the Reading Horizons reading program for corrections. Reading Horizons also creates and distributes other types of reading curriculum products including a  … more

  • Perrault Corrections Center

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    Region: Midwestern US

    Summary of Findings

    Residents who received Reading Horizons instruction improved their scores, on average, from a fourth- to a sixth-grade reading level.


    A rehabilitation and … more

  • Ruth Tiechroeb

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    Institution: Seattle P-I

    City: Seattle

    State: Washington

    Job Title: P-l Reporter

    Review of Reading Horizons

    At the Detention School in King County's juvenile Jail, teacher Glenda Platt talks with a young offender in one of the facility's three new computer labs. "The most … more

    Grade Level: Secondary